Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lake City teacher uses internet to find funding for school supplies

Cameron Orr starts his first year of teaching August 17th at Lake City High School.
A few weeks ago he wasn’t sure how he’d pay for all of the supplies he needs.
“I saw how necessary supplies were and as a teacher I know supplies are very necessary than a classroom,” says Orr.
He decided to turn to the website He set up an account with a goal to raise $1000 and reached that goal in just nine days.
“It’s just incredible at the amount of supplies I’m able to get my students, with that amount of money is life changing for some of the students and also for the curriculum in having my classroom,” mentioned Orr.
Lake City High School Principal Ned Blake says funding sources like GoFundMe are great to use to ensure classrooms have what they need for the school year.
“It helps supplement student support areas. Also, it gives teachers the opportunity to have means of having extras and having extras in the classroom is always essential for teachers, cause we can never have too much,” explained Blake.
Until there is more school funding, teachers say they’re just thankful for friends and strangers who are willing to help the cause.
“When it comes to supplies in school districts, everyone is always hunting for supplies and I’m very grateful to have that money to use for my students in order to better their education,” Orr said.
“And just having a first year teacher to follow through with being committed, being able to invigorate student lives is so important,” added Blake.
And if you ask for help, he says you’ll get it.
“If another teacher says hey I could really use this, I could really use that, of course I am willing to help out,” said Orr.

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