Saturday, September 5, 2015

SOMETHING GENUINE the world is fine but the people are fucked

  • Me in elementary school: The teacher gave me a check list for all my school supplies. I have to have everything.
  • Me in college: [Slams some $1 notebooks and Redbull in my cart, remembers I have some pens in my car] Fuckin ready 2 go

Saturday, August 22, 2015

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Source: --- 2 days agoMe in elementary school: The Teacher gave me a check list for all my school Supplies. I have to have everything. Me in college: [Slams some $1 notebooks and Redbull in my cart, remembers I have some  More...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Nominate a Teacher for Busey’s Supplies for Success Program

Source: --- 2 days agoFrom the Editors Here’s a chance to give your favorite Teacher a shout-out and possibly help him or her win money to go towards school Supplies this year! Starting Aug. 17, you can go to Busey’s  More...

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Give supplies and help neighborhood educators

Clearwater, Florida – The commencement to class is on and teachers like Jennifer Warner realize that a large number of her understudies will touch base in her classroom this fall with a willingness to learn and very little else.

"Completely, we have understudies that accompanied no book packs. They're here to simply begin, yet you truly require those fundamental things," says Warner, who shows first grade at High Point Elementary School.

That is the reason every year, Warner and her partners break into their own piggy banks and burn through several dollars on school supplies. "It's generally a test to supply everything and to verify they're getting the equivalent instruction that they merit," she says.

Instructor's Toolbox assists with school supplies WTSP

What's more, that is the place you can offer assistance.

10 News and Walgreens are collaborating to fill Teacher's Toolboxes. Simply buy a couple of additional supplies at Walgreens and give them at the counter.

As we did the previous fall, 10 News will pack up many boxes and convey them to educators and understudies. In classroom after classroom, our conveyances created shouts of bliss and yells of much obliged.

When you watch them in real life, you understand educators like Warner are without a doubt exceptional. They merit your backing. So give and help fill a Teacher's Toolbo

Monday, August 10, 2015

Teachers Say They Have Too Much Money for Supplies in This Sarcastic Hefty Campaign From Havas Worldwide Chicago By Katie Richards

h bag company Hefty and Havas Worldwide Chicago tackle a big issue—one that's more powerful than smelly garbage or nondurable bags—for the brand's new #SaidNoSchoolEver campaign.
The new work, which includes two 30-second online spots and a handful of playful memes, aims to raise awareness of the serious lack of funding many public schools and teachers face—but does so in a tongue-in-cheek manner.
The writing in the 30-second spots is both sarcastic and sharp, with teachers delivering lines like "We do not need any more art supplies" and "This map—from 1913. Almost all of the states are there." 
"At no point was this supposed to be polarizing for the brand," Havas group creative director Ecole Weinstein told Adweek. "We wanted to touch the surface of the issue and still do it with a bit of a smile and make [the campaign] culturally relevant and sharable."
Havas also wanted to bring Hefty's involvement with the Box Tops for Education program to light. Hefty, the only trash-bag brand currently supporting the initiative, has donated over $3.5 million to Box Tops over the years. The subject matter also hit close to home for some members of Havas' creative team.
"Myself, as well as a couple members of the creative team, have deep ties to the education system," Weinstein said.
Weinstein, whose mother was an inner-city school teacher in Florida for 29 years, said she grew up knowing all about the challenges teachers and public schools face. She added that the dry, sarcastic humor would share well on social channels, especially among the teacher crowd searching for a little bit of humor. 
Check out some of the memes from the campaign below.

Client: Hefty
Agency: Havas Worldwide, Chicago
Chief Creative Officer: Jason Peterson
Group Creative Director: Ecole Weinstein
Creative Director: Shelby Georgis
Copywriters: Matt Bush, Ellie Brzezenski
Co-Head of Production: David Evans
Executive Producer: Brigette Whisnant
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Business Affairs Manager: Bonnie Hamilton
Group Account Director: Lisa Evia
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Senior Project Manager: Matt Hartwig
Production Company: Caviar Content
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Senior Audio Engineers: Todd Bernstein, Studio 6 CHI; Mark Ruff, CRC
Executive Producer: Lauren Shawe
Post Producers: Jordan Sider, Kara Weinert
Colorist: Luke Morrison, The Mill
Assistant Editor: Kelsey Moher
Graphic Artist: Jesse Willis, Studio 6 CHI

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Educators score school supplies at deal costs at transfer deal

Children aren't the main ones requiring school supplies. Educators need them, as well. Educators by and large burn through five hundred dollars a year on school supplies for their understudies out they could call their own pockets.

At the point when Jefferson County evaluation teacher Gwen Vann as of late resigned she understood she had a great deal of extra school supplies, then had a thought. "I had a carport deal after I resigned. It took two trucks to get my materials from my kindergarten class into my home. It sat in the carport two years. At last had a carport deal and the instructors were so energized when they came."

That is on the grounds that they were purchasing tremendously required showing materials for pennies on the dollar.

That first carport deal soon transformed into the yearly Teacher 2 Teacher Consignment Sale, held in Denver. Twenty-seven shippers offering more than 14,000 previously owned showing supplies at around twenty pennies on the dollar.

All previously owned for 80 percent investment funds. Now that is "An or more" for financial matters.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lake City teacher uses internet to find funding for school supplies

Cameron Orr starts his first year of teaching August 17th at Lake City High School.
A few weeks ago he wasn’t sure how he’d pay for all of the supplies he needs.
“I saw how necessary supplies were and as a teacher I know supplies are very necessary than a classroom,” says Orr.
He decided to turn to the website He set up an account with a goal to raise $1000 and reached that goal in just nine days.
“It’s just incredible at the amount of supplies I’m able to get my students, with that amount of money is life changing for some of the students and also for the curriculum in having my classroom,” mentioned Orr.
Lake City High School Principal Ned Blake says funding sources like GoFundMe are great to use to ensure classrooms have what they need for the school year.
“It helps supplement student support areas. Also, it gives teachers the opportunity to have means of having extras and having extras in the classroom is always essential for teachers, cause we can never have too much,” explained Blake.
Until there is more school funding, teachers say they’re just thankful for friends and strangers who are willing to help the cause.
“When it comes to supplies in school districts, everyone is always hunting for supplies and I’m very grateful to have that money to use for my students in order to better their education,” Orr said.
“And just having a first year teacher to follow through with being committed, being able to invigorate student lives is so important,” added Blake.
And if you ask for help, he says you’ll get it.
“If another teacher says hey I could really use this, I could really use that, of course I am willing to help out,” said Orr.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Nearby association preparing understudies for the classroom

Educators by and large are burning through $800 to 1,200 a year on school supplies.

Numerous educators pay for the required supplies out they could call their own pocket.

Indianapolis Public School educator Sabra Tolliver said, "Being another instructor and I think for any educator, classroom supplies are truly in need, particularly in internal city Indianapolis schools."

"We don't generally have the cash to get our children those supplies and our children more often than not don't have the cash to get them themselves."

Expansive Ripple educator Ashley Molina concurred, "Being a first year instructor (I) don't have a great deal of cash as I just escaped from school."

The non-benefit association, Teachers' Treasures helps these Marion County instructors.

Official Director, Margaret Sheehan said spending plans are distinctive now and that is the reason it's essential to keep the racks supplied.

"It's currently an exceptionally troublesome procedure," Sheehan said. "No cash trades hands, with the exception of that they pay a $25 enrollment expense. They can come in once every month a top off their trucks with the things that they require."

In any case, Sheehan said the association needs assistance from the group. "The main way we make due here is from the liberality of organizations and people who give their previously owned tennis balls, or they're wiping out their office supplies and they may have remaining hanging records or what-not."

Sheehan said everything has esteem.

Tolliver and Molina are appreciative for Teachers' Treasures.

"It's truly decent having a spot we can come and get stuff to verify children are prepared for the classroom," Tolliver said.

"Having all these new school supplies is amazing," said Molina. "I don't need to spend my own particular cash, so I'm sparing to such an extent. It's truly a gift."

Paper is the best requirement for Teachers' Treasures.

Inhabitants in the group can help have any kind of effect in the lives of focal Indiana understudies by gathering and giving paper for Teachers' Treasures at any Financial Center First Credit Union area in the middle of now and August seventh.

Hoosiers can likewise drop off things this Saturday, August 8 at Teachers' Treasures, situated at 1800 East tenth Street in Indianapolis.

24-Hour News 8 is likewise offering an additional motivation for organizations to partake.

Organizations that enroll before twelve on August 7 could win a $10,000 publicizing calendar on 24-Hour News 8.

Schuylkill County music instructor vies for supplies

A Schuylkill County primary teacher may win $2,500 for school supplies one month from now. People in general can help Joel Guldin, music instructor at Williams Valley Elementary School in Tower City, who has been named for the national Raise a Hand for Teachers rivalry. Guldin right now is ahead of the pack to be one of three champs, yet supporters are urging more individuals to vote in favor of him online to guarantee his triumph. Snappy CLICKS Health Beat: Dancing through Marfan disorder Musikfest commences today evening time in Bethlehem Acosta lawyer says customer 'loaded with regret' Penn Pump Park issues streaming into Forks LGBT group focus to have comprehensive gatherings pastorate Guldin was selected for the project "for his diligent work and the positive effect he's making on youngsters' lives." Through Aug. 23, anybody can select and vote in favor of educators. On Sept. 8, three triumphant instructors will get $2,500 in classroom supplies alongside $500 to look for garments for understudies. As indicated by the Raise a Hand for Teachers association, 75 percent of all educators give all K-12 classroom supplies with their own cash. By and large, those educators burn through $500 on supplies for their own classrooms every year. Seventy percent of instructors additionally have acquired attire, for example, coats, shoes and gloves for understudies. Williams Valley is portrayed as a little rustic school area in a moderately low-salary group. "Huge numbers of the kids in this group would never have the chance to find out about music and musical instruments without Mr. G," said one energetic guardian. "He adores having the capacity to impart an entire new world to the offspring of the school. I have never seen an educator go well beyond they way Mr. G. does." notwithstanding his general obligations, Guldin made, composes and has the yearly Les Brown Jazz Festival at the school. He heads the basic show and jazz groups. He additionally set up together a graduated class band that plays at yearly homecoming football games.

Perused more from at: music-instructor vies for supplies/34511288

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Allentown instructor utilizes pledge drive to purchase classroom supplies

Allentown educator Diane Brown used to get up to $100 consistently from the locale to purchase markers, pencils, scratch pad and more for her kindergarten understudies.

Be that as it may, then spending plan slices went to the Allentown School District. As of late, Brown, an educator in the region for a long time, and different instructors lost financing for classroom supplies.

Most educators have utilized their own cash to buy classroom supplies. In any case, Brown discovered another approach to verify that the 5-and 6-year-olds in her class aren't denied of ordinary needs.

Union Terrace Elementary School kindergarten educator Diane Brown is envisioned in her classroom on Wednesday, July 29, 2015. Cocoa has made an online pledge drive to help her purchase supplies for her classroom this year. Since huge spending plan cuts a couple of years prior, Allentown School District educators have lost subsidizing that goes toward classroom supplies.

Union Terrace Elementary School kindergarten instructor Diane Brown sorts out her classroom on Wednesday, July 29, 2015. Cocoa has made an online pledge drive to help her purchase supplies for her classroom this year. Since noteworthy spending plan cuts a couple of years prior, Allentown School District educators have lost subsidizing that goes toward classroom supplies.

Not long ago, Brown made a profile on the group subsidizing site where she depicted how nine 12-pack boxes of white board markers and a classpack of Crayola markers could help her understudies at Union Terrace Elementary.

In her online profile, she said her understudies start kindergarten with less abilities than those in different regions. They'll utilize the markers to work on penmanship, learn letters and take care of math issues

"The majority of the youngsters that I instruct live in neediness," she said. "Large portions of them accompany so little. They don't have knapsacks or colored pencils at home. They don't have their own particular markers."

It was the first run through Brown utilized the Donors Choose — a site that permits individuals to give cash toward government funded school undertakings posted by instructors.

She was astonished that in only a couple of days, she contacted her objective of $186 to purchase those materials. Considerably additionally amazing, the vast majority of the givers were outsiders.

ASD educator Diane Brown

Union Terrace Elementary School educator Diane Brown got help for her Allentown kindergartners through an online pledge drive. (HARRY FISHER/THE MORNING CALL)

"We can't think about a superior reason to contribute towards," a few from Bethlehem composed on Brown's profile when leaving a gift. "Good fortunes in motivating and showing your understudies."

Givers Choose, which Brown knew about from some instructor companions, has picked up prevalence as school regions have confronted spending plan presses in a harsh economy combined with an abatement in state help.

In the Allentown School District alone, more than 400 positions have been sliced subsequent to 2011.

Contributors Choose was begun in 2000 by a New York City instructor who was spending his own particular cash on classroom materials, as indicated by the bunch's site. Since its introduction to the world, the site has financed almost 600,000 activities the nation over.

Ventures have included iPads, book recordings, classroom projectors and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Recently, humorist Stephen Colbert made a $800,000 gift to cover each stipend solicitation made by South Carolina government funded teachers.

At the point when an undertaking achieves its subsidizing objective on the site, Donors Choose buys the materials — typically from Amazon — and afterward dispatches them to the instructor. The instructor and understudies additionally compose cards to say thanks to givers.

Cocoa is now considering different undertakings she can take to Donors Choose, for example, requesting library books.

This will be the first year Brown will be showing entire day kindergarten, having taught half-day classes for quite a long time. The additional hours in the day will mean she'll have more opportunity to show her 23 kindergartners, and she needs to utilize the markers for the greatest number of lessons as she can.

Chestnut needed her givers to realize that she requested financing due to her understudies.

"My understudies begin at ground zero," she said. "They accompany practically nothing, however they generally accompany favors their appeara